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Oct 1, 2012 7:30am EDT
of the united nations general assembly in new york. in a strong speech, president obama again condemned the video as an insult to muslims and all americans, but america rejects it. >> given the power and faith and passion that it can inflame, the strongest weapon is not repression, it's more speech. the voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and lift up the values of understanding and mumpl respect. >> he called on world leaders to speak out forcefully against extremism. >> na brand of politics that pits east against west and south against north and muslims against christians and hindus and jews can't deliver on the promise of freedom. >> many arab and muslim leaders renewed their can calls for a u.n. resolution to banal defamation of religion. egypt's new president morsi said his country respects freedom of expression, but he added not the freedom of expression that deepens ignorance and disregards others. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad once again generated controversy in a speech that accused what he called uncivilized zionists of threatening war against his country. pr
Comedy Central
Oct 1, 2012 10:00am PDT
yog, kids at school t reminded me of that video of kids singing a song about barack obama just after he was inaugurated. >> we are trying to get some answers about a video that is getting attention on the drudge report web site this morning. it shows young children singing the praises, quite literally of the president. many parents have no problem with this. many parent was. and just don't want this sort of political cheerleading, if you will, in the classroom. >> jon: hmmmm, the tone seems different in those two stories. so kids singing a song criticizing the administration, it is just funny. kids singing a song praising the administration, we'll show it to you. its's-- it's very disturbing. so how divide ready we as a nation. we have two types of diabetes and if obama is against them, well, america's number one news network is for one of them. (laughter) we'll be right back.=w (cheers and applause) welcome back. as anybody's commute involving even a passing thought of the east side of manhattan knows the u.n. general assembly is in town. i got to confess, i love it. because the u.n
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
they couldn't go any lower not only are they pretending that video that president obama's father is actually not kenyan. that's a new one. that's unique, but that his mom was in porn. unreal. let's bring in michael hastings who is covering the obama campaign, and he's in nevada with them right now. i have one quick question for you, michael. what is president obama's campaign reaction? are they amused, chagrined? what is their reaction. >> my reaction, look, they're taking it very seriously. especially the voter suppression efforts. they have what is called a voter protection officer in each of the major swing states on election day. there will be teams of voter protection volunteers to make sure that everyone who shows up at the poll to make sure they can vote if they're legally allowed to vote. and when you listen to the stump speeches, especially michelle obama's sump stump speech encouraging people to vote. they will come home and drive the points home, especially in communities of latinos and black communities, but that has a huge effort using the pulpit and the grassroots networks that
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
is in washington with the facts and fiction on the latest obama economic message. amazing video from afghanistan. we will put you in the middle of the firefight. more questions about policy in afghanistan. "special report" starts at 6:00. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: here is an idea for matt damon's next film. he should play an actor who is in cahoots with foreign countries to undermine his own country energy needs. a perfect method for matt because it is mat. his new flick has middle east backing. it has matt as evil oil man forcing small towns to adopt fracking to get natural oil and gas from the ground. here is a clip, mr. clipper. >> the town, the life is tying. you see it coming and you don't get out of the way. we're not fighting for land. we're fighting for people. >> do you have any idea what you came to get from me? >> you're a good man, steve. i wish you weren't doing this. >> for $9 billion policy do you know what we're capable of? do you? >> greg: shut up. at least it wasn't produced in association with country that might not want america t
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
released is a video on youtube that is from a group called vote for stuff. it's targeting young voters, a group that romney and obama are trying to attract. so they started an on-line campaign trying to get the new vote to let the candidates know what is most important to them. this video was released a few minutes ago. >> dogs would pick up my poop with a plastic bag. >> plenty of hollywood actors and actresses and comedians in the video. they're all talking about funny things that they would like the candidates to pay attention to. but there is a serious tone at the end of the video. are asking all young people ages 18 through 29 to make their own video, anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute long and then post it on their facebook page or on twitter with the hashtag vote for stuff. then the hollywood actors and actresses plan to use their videos and collaborate those with those of users from across the country and then post them directly online to the obama and running campaigns. they say that if the campaigns want the youth vote, if they have to pay attention to the issues important
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, and barack obama is not a great campaigner, and when it is in practice, he is a pretty good debater. -- mitt is in practice, he is a pretty good debater. but because the 47% video was truly genuine, because it was him talking and not knowing he was taped, and played into every stereotype of barack obama saw to paint about him, it has had an enormous effect. >> evan? >> it should not be bad politics -- to be a bad politician should not necessarily heard you when people hate politicians. but romney has not been able to turn that into our virtue. there is the reliability problem, and if there is what nina is talking about -- the film makes him look like he is writing off half the country. even though charles says he has to go substantive, and i wish he would do tax reform -- i don't think he is going to do that -- or find some way in the very end to convince people what he is, which the actress is, a decent human being -- she actually is, decent human being. >> romney said, but what my heart aches for the people i've seen and i want to help them." the voters are not getting that message. >> the
FOX Business
Sep 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to the film. lou: he's referring to the almost car toonish anti-islam youtube video that the president and his administration have blamed from the outset despite the claims by intelligent sources that the obama administration knew within a matter of hours that the assassination of am ambassador stevens and three other americans was carried out by terrorists with ties to an affiliate of al-qaeda. now, two weeks after jay's initial denial of what the white house knew, some high ranking obama officials are beginning to contra digit the story that the president and his administration tried to sell the american public. defense secretary, leon panetta, secretary of state hillary clinton now conceding it was an act of terror. still no word, no correction from the man who steered the false narrative, president obama himself. we take up all of this here tonight with the republican strategist who served in the bush white house, and also, negative economic reports having little effect on the market today. lou joins us as does the head of the catholic league, bill donohue on where the obama administration
FOX Business
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm EDT
interviewed head of house intelligence committee, mike rodgers, he told me he believes that obama administration has politicized to fit a story line of a youtube video clip that was the driving force behind the benghazi attack. >> i argue the administration made serious mistakes when they highlighted video and took it on tv to with u.s. taxpayer dollars, they were serious mistakes we're paying the price for, it was because after that view she they thought their intelligence, what they wanted it to be not what it was. reporter: this statement issued friday, this is nation's top intelligence officer, congressman rogerred say he felt it may matters worse. >> parts of the problem is this circling of the wagons that is really concerning about this. americans need continued to the truth. and the togethers are what the facts are, and the intelligence is what it is, we have to avoid this notion of any political convenience of any political interpretation we're we'll maker isious mistakes. reporter: fox news has confirmed there is intelligence, evidence shows that former guantanamo bay det
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
by the way. this morning american cross roads is out with a tough new internet video. take a look. >> what did president obama do the same day of a terror attack on american citizens? he campaigned in las vegas. then at the annual u.n. meeting where rogue nations are calling for a new world order, obama snubbed key allies and skipped meetings with world leaders so he could be on tv. >> so how much of the campaign is this going to be? the romney campaign is debating how forcefully to engage the libya issue. some are advising it's good to use as a stand-in for overall failures of the president. romney tries to do that in a wall street op-ed writing disturbing developments are sweeping across the greater middle east, these developments are not, as president obama says, mere bumps in the road. they are major issues that put our security at risk. yet amid this upheaval, our country seems to be at the mercy. >> the response was slow, it was confused. it was inconsistent. they first said it was a youtube video and a spontaneous mob. we now know it was a planned terrorist attack. if this was one t
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
-- >> stephanie: really at this point barring the discovery of some piece of video where barack obama says he wants to [ bleep ] young white girls in front of the lincoln memorial, the only thing the president has to worry about romney is a surge in the pity vote. >> he needs my vote more than obama does. make him feel a little better. >> stephanie: it is not us, it's you. it is a larger problem. someone brought this up on bill maher. it is not new candidates they need. it is new ideas. the same old ideas. >> right. but they refuse -- they keep thinking it is something else. it is shifting demographics or -- it is us. this whole skewed poll thing you know. that they're going on about. the idea that polls are skewed because they're talking to more democrats than republicans in certain states but they're only going by the registrations of voters. >> stephanie: yeah. this might have been one of my favorite paragraphs. regarding mitt romney's sinking chances of winning the election, lindsey graham told reporters yesterday, y
Oct 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
in at great videos all day long. >> it's campaign season. so the candidates are traveling the country making appearances on different rallies. well, president barack obama visited virginia beach in virginia. president obama is about to speak. this woman has a ticket and she is eager to get in. >> except when she gets there, the security gate has already closed, which makes her very upset. >> i am a united states naval veteran! i served 25 years! i deserve to see my president! >> what she claims she didn't know was that the gates were going to close one hour before president barack obama was set to speak. >> ticket say the door's open at 9:30. didn't say they close at 11:00. >> the president shrike the most protected person on the planet. very strict rules. >> it doesn't just end with her yelling at the guards. >> i want to see my -- i want to see my president! >> she didn't get the gates opened, but she ended up getting, arrested. >> you're under arrest, ma'am. >> oh, my god. >> she eventually was cited for disturbing the peace. >> rules are rules. >> i feel bad she got ar
Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
that bothers me because this affects voting. nor florida shenanigans, we have a video of a romney volunteer down there saying that president obama is a muslim. it was picked up by an answering machine after the volunteer didn't hang up before moving on to her next call. the clip aired in tampa on a radio station, wmmf, nbc news hasn't independently authenticated the audio. >> you don't want obama. you really don't want obama because he'll get rid of your made care. you might as well say good-bye to it. yeah, and, i don't know if you've done any research on obama or not, but eggs a muslim. >> well, he is a muslim. that's push polling. you pretend to be polling and all you're doing is putting out the word the guy is a communist. >> would you vote for someone who believes in communist. we're taking a survey. we've been talking about this for a couple years. for some reason the republican party and their conservative allies can't get away from describing obama as muslim, not born here, not believing in america. >> i know, i know, i know this is what they do. the head of florida's gop where the
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
-president on the weekends and florida. [video clip] >> they're spending a lot of time telling you what barack obama and joe biden are against and what we have done. the attack everything. the truth of the matter is that nowhere is it more clear what they would do that in medicare. let me start by giving you a few specific examples. to make a examples. number one, they have laid out clearly, they say, that what barack obama and i did was we endangered medicare, that we stole money from medicare and we did this to get obamacare and all this. you see it in ads and everything they say. nothing could be further from the truth. everyone of you in this room who is on medicare or has a mother or father on medicare knows that since barack obama acted, your parents and those of you on medicare have more benefits than before. host: back to your calls on whether the vice presidential nominees will impact your vote? raymond is a democrat in waco, texas. caller: good morning. i want to make a comment on the medicare issue. i think americans should be very worried about mitt romney and paul ryan one thing to debate on th
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
barack obama, al participar en el concierto en una escuela secundaria en las vegas. >>> por poco se les agua al grupo horóscopos de durango la grabación de su último video musical. >>> a la época del viejo oeste nos remontamo con las vocalistas de horóscopos de durango. >>> estamos grabando nuestro nuevo video, en california, el lugra está espectacular, hay cosas aquí antiguas. >>> el tema fue un éxito en los años 70 en la voz de cherlo y su hija, y las montañas de california son el lugar perfecto para poder recrear el video. >>> estabas con un poco de problemas en el caballo. >>> hace como 10 años atrás, se me estaba cayendo el pelo y gracias a dios mi papá me salvó la vida, pero a este caballo, no nos hallamos. >>> las cantantes dejaron bien en claro que el grupo no se separa. >>> dale con lo mismo. >>> qué bueno que lo dicen, porque siempre dicen que las especulaciones, que se separan. >>> pronto ellas visitarán varias ciudades del país rumbo a los latin grammy's. >>> estoy muy contenta en mi vida, en un lugar de mi vida muy contenta. >>> atrás dejó las duras prueb
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
day that romney spends not talking about that is a day lost. obama in particular is extremely strong on national security. so attacking him on that is not going to be a winner. now he may be forced to do that because the 47% video has broken through in a major way and has damaged his ability to talk about the economy. but i mean like this attack on libya is a bit strange to me, are we saying that the administration is lying? >> yes. >> are we saying that the administration is incompetence? >> yes. >> intelligence community screwed the administration up. >> all of the above. >> these are not narratives that are not going to work that fit with the narrative that we've had for years that obama is strong. >> can i grant you that and ask, what about the debate? a debate on foreign policy that will bring these issues into the forefront. >> i would love to see obama who really knows these issues from a firsthand fingerprints on the documents way, versus romney who has been multiple choice and really has no foreign policy background at all. >> as you were saying at the beginning, s.e., a cas
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
a short time ago congressman mike rogers suggesting the obama administration politicized the intelligence in the immediate aftermath in the attack on the consulate in libya. spontaneous and not premeditated terrorism. >> i argue the administration made some serious mistakes when they highlighted the video, escalated its credibility to the presidential level and then took it on tv in pakistan with u.s. taxpayer dollars. >> rogers who told fox one day after the attack that it was indeed terrorism saying tonight that this statement from the director of national intelligence friday the nation's top intelligence official appeared to be an effort to object secure the facts. >> part of the problem is this circling of the wagons that is really concerning about. this again, americans need to understand the truth. and the facts are what the facts are. and the intelligence is what the intelligence is. >> fox news asked the administration official why it chose ambassador rice to discuss the sensitive intelligence details on five sunday talk shows. over four military officials including white house te
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
, and will, i'd like to ask you about this, that 47% saying and that secretly recorded video, that's really hurt mitt romney. and he's got to really respond to that. i heard politico reporting that president obama is going to mention the 47% thing every third question. >> yeah, look, i think there's two ways you can go if you're mitt romney on kind of talking about that 47%. you can choose the path i have, which when i've come on your program and others and that's actually try to break down the numbers of what was meant by the 47%. talking about who pays taxes, who receives government subsidies and shed more light on it because it was sloppy and didn't make sense. that's probably not the right path to do. don't pursue nuance in debate. and you mentioned it earlier, carol, the 100% response, that's truthfully the one to go with to suggest his economic policies and conservative ideology believe they apply to 100% of voters and people within the economy. help them all. >> and also, i will say this, you're right, president obama can't make things look hunky dory, because they're not in the econ
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
. now these hunger games heat up as students hit back with their own video. jim moret has more. >> i want to start by welcoming everyone back to school. >> that's michelle obama introducing students to the new school lunch requirements that are now raising controversy. >> the talented people who cook the food at your school will be offering you all kinds of healthy delicious new choices. >> the public service announcement was shown to students as part of the first lady's let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity. but not everyone is happy with the new school lunches. high school students from coast to coast are upset the new government rules limit the number of calories that a cafeteria can serve. under the new regulations the students say they aren't getting enough to eat. these two students at the parsippany hills high school in new jersey have organized a strike to protest the new school lunch regulations that put a limit of 850 calories on each meal. >> at the end of this meal this year, you're not full. >> they must serve twice as many fruits and vegetables but many kids ar
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)